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Anybody that has talked to me in the last four years has probably heard about "The Plan", at length.

Well, the big day is approaching fast and is officially the best weather window after November 2. I’m heading out on an extended, open-ended sailing trip out into the world with the intent of circumnavigating.

Crazy, right? Well, maybe not. I have been planning for quite some time, and I have a super solid sailboat as my home base. Arcturus is a beautiful 27-foot Pacific Seacraft Orion with a real offshore pedigree. She rocks, and is pretty much the closest thing I’ve had to a girlfriend the last few years. We spend tons of time together—although probably not as much as she would like. As far as I can tell, I like her way more than she likes me, and I talk to her every night before going to bed. Anyhow. An enormous amount of planning and thought has gone into the preparation for this trip. I’ve been working towards a sustainable business that can be operated from just about anywhere—so far, so good.

The business and boat refitting process have been charging ahead full steam this year and lots of great things are happening. I’ve been replacing some major systems on board and checking off lots of little boxes on my safety to-do list. I have had a huge amount of support and help from close friends and family. However, there are still quite a few safety items I would love to be able to have on board before I take off. Here’s where Everyone I Know comes in—I have launched the official “Help My Mom Sleep at Night” campaign. I’ve recruited the help of some of the greatest minds on the east coast to fine-tune this campaign, and I want you to be a part of it, too. Check out how you can help in the bar to the right. T-shirts, hats, fine art prints, Crew Toasts, high fives, cozies, daughter dates and more are all available. I definitely appreciate all support. Thanks for checking it out. I’ve got 32 days and counting!

Thanks from Daniel and all future crewmembers aboard Arcturus.